• Churchyard Secrets - the Book

    Churchyard Secrets - the Book

    First an exhibition, now a book - 'Fewston Assemblage: Churchyard Secrets revealed' has been published and is available from the Washburn Heritage Centre priced £4 or £3 to members. Next the film!

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  • A Homage to the Fewston Assemblage

    A Homage to the Fewston Assemblage

    This textile hanging in the Washburn Heritage Centre commemorates the people of the Fewston Assemblage. There are 154 sewn squares, one for each person in the Assemblage. The project was masterminded by Maureen Fackrell from a suggestion by Sally Robinson. Each square shows the grave number allocated to a skeleton at the exhumation, together with a name where known. There is also a decorative motif, chosen by the maker of each piece to reflect either something appropriate to the named individual, or something of local interest.

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  • ‘Children of the Mill’ walk

    ‘Children of the Mill’ walk

    A group of 18 enjoyed a lovely spring walk along the river to learn how children were brought from all over England to work in the mills of the Washburn Valley and enjoyed the snowdrops at the former site of Cragg Hall.

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  • King Street Workshops

    Our theme from October to December 2016 is a partnership with the King Street Workshops from the Old Workhouse at Pateley Bridge. It brings together a group of renowned artists, makers and designers to share their knowledge, skill and expertise. We hope that you'll enjoy some events and drop in to see the exhibition at the Centre.

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  • Our car park! UPDATE 25/8/16

    We are delighted to report that the car park work has now finished. It is much improved, bigger and with a lovely wide entrance, we hope you'll agree when you next visit. We are very grateful to Houldsworths and also Elaine, Catriona and other AONB walling experts, and to Tom, Clive and Sally for planning the project and pushing it through.

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  • The Geology of the Washburn Valley     20 June 2016

    Bill Fraser of Leeds Geological Association gave a most clear and well-illustrated explanation of the geology of our area explaining how our rocks were laid down in a tropical delta millions of years ago. He explained the effects of glaciation which at one time caused the valley to be one vast lake and how the A59 will keep on being subject to landslides – it’s all in the rocks. Gareth Martin explained how having 4 dams along the Washburn plays havoc with the wildlife and how projects along the river are designed to mitigate this. If you’d like to know more about ‘Shaping the Valley’ then come and see our exhibition during tea room opening hours.

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